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Posted on December 14, 2015 at 5:23 PM

What is iTunes from Apple inc.?

iTunes is a media management software by Apple Inc for Mac and Windows. With iTunes, you can play and manage a library of audio and video files. Apple’s media library iTunes was launched in 2001 after its original version, Soundjam, had been bought by Apple from 2 developers.

iTunes had come to be known as the easiest, most user-friendly media playing software. iTunes syncs with iPods and it’s the main connection of iPhones and iPads to a computer. I was first only available on Mac computers and later developed for Windows computers as well.

Why should I download iTunes?

  • You can search for songs, artists, albums, radio podcasts and videos and you can download all these on your computer for later listening or watching.
  • You can buy audio and video content through the iTunes store, albums or individual songs: no more CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays needed when any audio and video file can be bought and watched/listened to directly on your computer.
  • With its big storage capacity, you can download and store huge amounts of files in your iTunes library and access it from all your Apple devices
  • Hey,you can even store TV shows in your iTunes library and iTunes will know how to differentiate them from movie files
  • It does the same with podcasts and can even indicate the ones you listened to or haven’t listened to yet, practical when you’re listening to a series of podcasts that you really like!
  • Of course, iTunes allows you to manage your library made up of audio and video files, allows you to create playlists, favorites, play, pause, fast-forward songs, movies, etc.
  • With iTunes, you can even burn CDs from your playlists, so you can take your favorite music or movies everywhere with you, and you can even paper-print the titles of a playlist
  • You can listen to internet radio stations or watch videos of the iTunes Festival held every year by Apple, however you cannot download these on your computer
  • In the iTunes Store, you can rate songs, artists, albums, movies and view the rating given by other people so you can know if they’re worth purchasing (but it’s free to watch movie trailers)
  • If you don’t want to purchase a movie and download it to your computer, you can always rent one (you have 30 days to watch it)
  • With iTunes you can also get apps from the App Store
  • You can listen to iTunes Radio for free, with songs put together by the iTunes Store
  • You can buy books through iTunes and download them into your computer, or through the software called iBooks for iPads and iPhones
  • iTunes U, part of the iTunes Stores, allows you to subscribe and listen to/watch education courses, tutorials etc uploaded by colleges and universities
  • iTunes backs up your media files available on your Apple products (iPhones, Mac, iPads)
  • Using iTunes, Through the process called syncing, you can make available your mails, calendars, contacts, audio and video files on all your Apple devices
  • iTunes lets you move pictures and other files from your computer to iPhones and iPads, but you cannot transfer pictures from iPhones or iPads to your computer
  • You can also use iTunes to navigate from your computer, the media files stored on your iPhone or iPad
  • iTunes also allows you to connect and watch your media files on your Apple TV
  • AND, if you have a movie or music or podcast you want to share, you can share them with other users in your local network


Depending on your iTunes version, you may have various features, it’s always good to download the latest version for a full-powered iTunes experience!

iTunes Genius

This iTunes feature allows users to get lazy at making playlists with good, preferred music, Genius will do it for them: Genius automatically creates playlists from users’ libraries based on their history of playing and iTunes store purchases, plus it gives users the chance to discover new songs at the iTunes Store based on the music they’ve already listened to/purchased. iTunes Genius basically creates personalized playlist recommendations based on existing information about your media preferences, but also other users’ preferences.

How to set up iTunes Genius in 5 easy steps

  • Download and install the most recent version of iTunes (Genius works on iTunes v. 8 or newer).
  • Once you’ve done this, launch iTunes.
  • At the top of iTunes interface, go to the Store menu, click on it and select “Turn On Genius”. By doing this, you’re allowing Apple to save information regarding your playing history and make recommendations of media based on that.
  • On the new screen, click the “Turn on Genius” button.
  • Log into your Apple account (or create it if you don’t have one already) and accept the Terms and Conditions of Service.

You'll need to agree to Apple's Terms and Conditions for Genius feature, in order to continue the setup process. Once you've accept them, you'll be taken to a screen that shows the 3 steps of the setup process:

  • Genius gathering information about your iTunes library (history of playing, library contents) - iTunes scans your library to collect information about your songs, such as how often you've played them, ratings, etc.
  • Genius sharing that information with Apple - With that information collected, iTunes then sends this information to Apple. Apple saves this information in its databases.
  • Delivery of Genius results based on collected information - Apple's servers send data back to your iTunes. That data includes music that other users listen to, that is similar to yours, suggestions for music you can purchase that is similar to music you already purchased, etc.

As each step moves forward, you will see its progress in the iTunes bar at the top of the window.

When one step is completed, a Check mark will appear next to it.

When the initial installation process is finished, a message will appear, telling you that Genius is ready to show you new songs. Once you see this screen, you can start using it to create new playlists or get new music recommendations

Where can I download iTunes 11, 10 or 12 (for Windows or Mac OSX)?

If you want the iTunes genius, media library, playlists and many more useful features, download it at Apple Itunes 12 download and start enjoying a wealth of media content.

iTunes SDK, where can I download it?

Apple has released for developers the iTunes Visual Plug-ins software development kit (SDK). Apple indicates that the new SDK contains all the files necessary to develop visual plug-ins for iTunes. iTunes SDK is available for download at Apple iTunes Music Player Development Page.

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Ron213 December 26, 2015 at 1:35 PM

Thank you very much. I appreciate the additional information about iTunes. I just bought a new Macbook from Apple Online Store and I am very happy about it. I need to learn now how iTunes works. Got the download from your site ;-)

Thomas December 29, 2015 at 9:03 PM

Thanks for the download link, btw. good site about iTunes!!!

Caroline January 4, 2016 at 11:48 AM

Can you tell me why I need iTunes?

EDIT (by Administrator): Hi Caroline, I just updated the website with more information about iTunes and why the Media Player is totally cool. I use it everyday thats why I created the website. Have fun!

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